• Mission Trips


    Change Point has served in several cities in this vast country.  The past few years we have partnered with the Nehemiah Center, in Uzhogorod, Ukraine.  This city lies on the border of Hungary, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.   As well as holding pastor’s, prayer, prophetic conferences we have ministered in several gypsy churches.  God is on the move in this country and with the turmoil that has taken place there this past year, we must continue to go while we can.  We must work while it is day for the night comes when no man can work!


    Change Point has partnered with Oscar Magallenes of Good News Fellowship in Bagiuo City, Philippines for many years.  We have taken may trips working along side this precious pastor to see this country come to know who Jesus is.  The Philippine people who serve the Lord are among the finest missionaries in the world!

    Perm, Russia

    This is a land of great contrasts.  God has spoken the name of so many there to come to the waters and drink of His water…to never thirst again.  Change Point went to Russia three times and each time the crowd grew.  We saw many miracles, deliverance, and a true awakening of the who God is!  Our hope is to return there one day to witness the great harvest! 

    Beverly also spoke at a large conference for pastors in Russia.  She ministered to their pastors and was very well received.

    Burkina Faso, West Africa

    Change Point has been going into this country faithfully since 2001.  We have seen the face of Burkina changing as the Gospel message goes forth. We work alongside missionaries and local pastors to bring the precious Word of the Lord to His faithful people there.

    We have seen many miracles in this country. Everywhere we go, we don’t ask for money or for the people to be burdened with the expense of funding our trip. Even though we have been to Burkina asking for nothing, the generosity of these people has poured forth their love in the giving of chickens, beautiful cloth, leather purses, wallets, and even monetary gifts.

    Czech Republic

    We traveled to the people of Czech Republic to help support a new church plant in 2020. Our team ministered to the people of the church, including the leaders.